Suitopia: sweet dreams

Accommodation: bedding down in style.

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Suitopia. New. Luxury. Trendy. Fresh. The colour scheme, furniture and furnishing: excellent. Double sink and double shower head, so no arguing about the first shower…or is that our thing? We had a suite with a sea view…ish. 8th floor. We could see the Mediterranean well enough, but not an uninterrupted view. Any lower, the room would have been in the shadow of other blocks of flats all day. I’m not sure this would have made me as bucolic.

It was February so, with the exception of the heated small infinity pool, all other pools were closed. Our terrace was large enough to keep us entertained during our stay and beautifully furnished. Lighting: I don’t normally get excited about lights but they were stylish. The hotel had lots of techy touches: USB ports, HDMI sockets, good sized TVs…lots of thought had gone into the presentation.

We didn’t need the blow by blow account of every hotel facility when checking in, just the bloody key. G sat down and waited as every aspect of the hotel was explained to me. We’d travelled: we wanted the bloody key. The free drink at the bar, a nice touch. The room had free water, fruit and chocolates. Every day in reception, a fridge was filled with juices, water, pastries, yoghurt and fruit. It was occasionally replenished twice, but the hotel was filled with elderly Nordic and Germanic types so, in a true sunbed legacy, speed and timing were of the essence for the freebies.

The hotel sells itself as child friendly but this is an odd promotion as all the decor indicates otherwise. I’m not certain how well the suites, with their cream leather sofas and glass tables, will withstand pre school visitors armed with a crayon. The rooftop bar was lovely and the views stunning but again claims to be child friendly. Really it was not. It was very much geared to adults with chill out seating, a DJ deck and an emphasis on alcohol. Weeping babies and four year olds running amok across the cocktails and cava seemed out of place. The hotel had another bar right next to the children’s play area why not confine them to there?

The Spa. I loved the saline water pools even though my iPad refused to recognise my finger print after an hour in there. Though, I couldn’t understand why this was promoted as child friendly in the mornings. The speed of the jets would have sky rocketed a six year old into orbit. Saunas seem an odd pastime for babies. It appeared that, whilst the facilities were very much designed for adults, the hotel was at pains to stress children could use everything. We indulged in a massage which was just OK. However, the price considering that this was a hotel was fair.

Overall, this is a lovely hotel. Our rate in February an absolute steal especially as it included our airport transfer. We’d easily stay again but not in high season where the winter wrinklies escaping the nastily cold Europe winter will be replaced by hoards of children and I know I’d get quite fractious.

Finally, the hotel’s colossal height has caused controversy amongst locals.. Seems several upper floors shouldn’t even be there. There’s rumour and gossip of back hand deals, greasy palms and general naughtiness. However, I reckon those upper floors will remain safely standing.

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Annette Juniper Grimble

Follow us as we blunder through our lives. When should we put up the Christmas tree? Should we move to Spain or just go on holiday? Will we ever clear out the cupboard of doom? Is it a prosecco night or a red? Have I really got anxiety or do I just need to toughen up a bit? Here I am, getting closer to a very significant birthday. Not one with a zero in it but one which will allow me to feasibly remove the shackles of sensible employment with some cash in my back pocket and a song in my heart. As that point draws nearer, G and I face our mid life with apprehension and joy.

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